July 23, 2024

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  • Dell 3150


    Dell Latitude 3150 Specification

    Encourage #learning with a #lightweight 11-inch #laptop #featuring a 180-degree LCD hinge and best-in-class #durability. Enable anywhere, anytime learning: With seamless access to documents and thousands of #education apps even without an Internet connection, #students can stay productive wherever they are.

    THIS IS SECONDHAND LAPTOP Our secondhand laptops are ex-lease or off lease laptops from big corporations, companies and government agencies that replenish their laptops every 2 – 3 years period. These laptops normally comprised of business model laptops which are made for long hours of work, more expensive, outperformed and last longer than most of your average retail-based computers & laptops.

    WE DO NOT TAKE SECONDHAND LAPTOP STOCK FROM individual buyers who requested laptop to be traded in. This is to ensure the secondhand products that are in our stock is legitimately owned and to minimize the sub-standard expectation of secondhand laptop condition.

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